Meet Ruddy Lee Cullers


“Ruddy is one of my favorite engineers to work with. Every session Iv had with him, both with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and with other projects, has been a true pleasure.” — Nik Zinner

“Rudyard Lee Cullers is a top notch engineer, producer, and musician. A beloved presence and vibe master on sessions and all around good guy to have working on your music!” – James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins)

Ruddy Lee Cullers is a decades experienced audio engineer and gear addict which makes his tricks of the trade not only valuable to artists and bands but are valued in whispers between name mix and audio engineers seeking Ruddy’s production skills. Aside from his advanced techniques and unique sounds, Ruddy’s keen sense of taste and authenticity help create an atmosphere where artists feel they are in good hands.

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Before solidifying his skills as an engineer, Ruddy managed the famed 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA. The 40 Watt was the foundation of his musical influence as well as the place where Ruddy built many relationships with well known Indie and 90’s college music bands.

Working in New York for over 10 years for the well known, (for those who are in the know) studio, Stratosphere Sound (formerly owned by James Iha of Smashing pumpkins, Producer Andy Chase of Ivy/Brookville, and Producer Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne/Ivy ), Ruddy has had the fortune of working with folks such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Depeche Mode, Bright Eyes, The Sounds, Louie Ck, Harper Simon, Ryan Adams,Basement Jaxx, Norah Jones/ Willie Nelson, Green Day, Yoko Ono, James Iha, Carley Simon, Cyndi Lauper and is consistently considered not only an excellent engineer but extremely easy to work with.

(L) Good friends Eli Janney (Seth Myers Show) and Ryan Adams. 2. (TL)Michael Stipe (REM). 3.(BL)Louie CK and Reggie Watts (Late Late Show)

1.(TL) Ruddy kicking back at the Stratosphere A Room console.  2.(TR) Ruddy with Yeah Yeahs in Studio A.  3.(BL) Ruddy working alongside Chirs ‘Tomato’ Harfenist- Owner/Operator at ‘THOR’ Tomato’s House of Rock.  4.(BC) Ruddy with Abigail Breslin and Manager in Stratosphere lounge.  5. (BR) Ruddy with Yoko Ono in the B Room

Since the closing of Stratosphere Ruddy continues to travel for sessions from his home base to other studios he has built relationships with in New York, CT, LA.

Ruddy has worked in many noteworthy studios as well as interesting places you may not consider such as the dark jagged depths of underground caverns.

An ancient natural spectacle meets modern recording gear in The Shenandoah Valley.

Currently Ruddy resides in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley, Virginia where he has amassed an enviable amount of vintage and current studio equipment and instruments.


Ruddy is available to travel, to mix remotely, or to invite musicians in need to come down to the beauty of the countryside and create at his home studio, located 1 & 1/2 hour’s drive from DC.

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